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As a little girl, I was transported in the wonderful world of fashion. I must admit that my mother had a lot to do with it. She was one of those people who were proud and elegant, and who always had an eye for beautiful things. She had a refined style, a perfect combination of distinction and sophistication.

Her passion and her flair for finding unique items as well as the decorum of her world had always impressed and inspired me.

Over the years, I have always felt that there was a difference between superficiality and beauty. For me, fashion is a voice. It can make us feel emotions and passion, it makes us stand out and it transports us.

Since I chose to be present for my four daughters and to take care of my sick mother, the dream I had of sharing my passion for fashion continued to grow inside of me.

And then, one day, my mother-in-law, co-founder of Bizou International, proposed me to launch our very own shop.

After several ideas, a fashion destination would see the light. She would imagine a shop offering a selection of favourites and I would imagine a brick and mortar shop where we would find different collections.

It’s in 2017 that our dream will finally come true with the opening of Lili & Olivia. Located in the magnificent Old Quebec, we selected unique and exclusive items just for you.

It’s with great pride and excitement that we welcome you in the universe of Lili & Olivia.